Dr Sarvat M Ahmad

Associate Professor


  • PhD. Automatic Control and Systems Engineering “Modelling and Control of a Twin Rotor MIMO System”, University of Sheffield, UK, 2001
  • MSc. Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, 1997
  • BEng.  Chemical Engineering, University of Pune, India, 1992


  • CIE 305: Linear Control Systems
  • CIE 481 Applied Control for Robotic Systems
  • SCE 517 Control of Nonlinear Systems
  • SCE 575 Applied Control for Robotic Systems
  • Systems Dynamics and Control
  • Mechanical Vibrations 
  • System Dynamics and Applied Control
  • Flight dynamics and Control
  • Elements of Vibration and Feedback Control

Research Interests

  • Unmanned air and underwater vehicles modelling and robust control.
  • Finite Element Modelling and active control of flexible structures ie, active vibration attenuation.
  • Rotor-dynamics analysis and finite element modelling of flexible structures.
  • Modelling, Simulation and Control of Active Magnetic Bearing actuators.
  • Application of Classical, Robust (Quantitative Feedback Theory-QFT), modern and optimal control theories to real world engineering problems.
  • Non-linear control system analysis employing describing function method.
  • System Identification (parametric and non-parametric) Estimation Theory/Kalman Filter.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Hardware in the loop Simulation (HIL).

Selected Publications:

  1. A Tanveer, Sarvat M Ahmad (2023). Mathematical Modelling and Fluidic Thrust Vectoring Control of a Delta Wing UAV, Aerospace, 2023, 10(6), 563
  2. A Tanveer, Sarvat M Ahmad (2023). Cross-Coupled Dynamics and MPA-Optimized Robust MIMO Control for a Compact Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 11 (7), 1411.
  3. A Tanveer, S M Ahmad (2023). Design and testing of a compact inexpensive prototype remotely operated underwater vehicle for shallow water operation, Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, 20(1), pp. 1–10
  4. A Tanveer, Sarvat M Ahmad (2023). Genetic-Algorithm-Based Proportional Integral Controller (GAPI) for ROV Steering Control, Engineering Proceedings, 2023, 32(1), 4
  5. Ahsan Tanveer and Sarvat M. Ahmad (2022). High fidelity modelling and GA optimized control of yaw dynamics of a custom built remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicle, Ocean Engineering, Volume 266, Part 2, 112836.
  6. Muhammad Abdul Ahad and Sarvat M. Ahmad (2021). Investigation of a 2-DOF active magnetic bearing actuator for unmanned underwater vehicle thruster application, Actuators, Vol 10, Issue 4:79, (doi 10.3390/act10040079)
  7. Muhammad Abdul Ahad, Nadeem Iqbal, Sarvat M Ahmad and Masroor Khan (2021). Detailed modelling and LQG/LTR control of a 2-DOF radial active magnetic bearing for rigid rotor, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 43:234.
  8. A. S. Saleem, T. A. Cheema, R. Ullah, S. M. Ahmad, J. A. Chattha, B. Akbar and C. W. Park (2020). Parametric study of single-stage gravitational water vortex turbine with cylindrical basin. Energy (IF: 5.537), Volume 200, 117464, (doi:10.1016/j.energy.2020.117464).
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Dr Sarvat M Ahmad

Associate Professor