Master of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

This multidisciplinary program brings together students from various engineering backgrounds and equips them with the necessary education to lead a successful career in this quickly rising discipline. Robots are becoming ubiquitous, from medical robotic surgeries all the way to warehouse management and package delivery, as well as the maintenance and operations of manufacturing plants. They touch all aspects of our lives.

The program covers subjects related to mechatronics, robotics, and UAVs (drones). Students develop the skills required to understand, design, and implement smart systems and robots to solve engineering problems. Topics include artificial intelligence, machine learning, the fundamentals of autonomous system (including sensing, reasoning, and acting). Also, it covers robotics-specific topics such as power sources, machine vision, actuation (e.g. linear actuators and electric motors), manipulation, locomotion (walking, rolling, climbing, etc.), environmental navigation, and human-robot interaction (including speech recognition and gestures). Applications are wide-ranging, and include industrial robots, as well as those used in the military, construction, agriculture, and in medical fields.

Program Requirement :

BSc in computer science or engineering, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, mechatronic engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, mathematics, or equivalent

Degree Plan :

Semester 1 (Fall)

  • AE 581: Intro. Robotics & Autonomous S
  • COE 510: Programming Methods for Robotics
  • COE 512: Sensing and Actuation for Intelligent Robots
  • ICS 520: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for Robotics

Semester 2 (Spring)

  • SCE 575: Applied Control for Robotic Systems
  • SCE 576: Path Planning and Navigation for Mobile Robot
  • COE 511: Multi-agent Robotic Networks
  • COE 619: Project

Semester 3 (Fall)

  • SCE 578: Human Robot Interaction
  • COE 619: Project

Duration: 1 Year

Delivery Mode: In-Person

Online Application