CX Program in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

About KFUPM CX Program

KFUPM has introduced a set of new undergraduate concentrations (CX) that meet the IR4.0 requirements, job market trends in exciting disciplines, and align with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Each CX module comprises 4 courses (12 credits) in a specialized topic. A student would apply for a CX program at the end of his Junior year (3rd year) to pursue the program during his Senior year (last year of graduation). KFUPM currently offers more than 35 CX programs.

CX Program in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

This interdisciplinary program covers subjects related to mechatronics, robotics, and UAVs (drones). Students develop the skills required to understand, design, and implement smart systems and robots to solve engineering problems. Topics include the fundamentals of autonyms systems, including sensing, reasoning, and acting, in addition to robotics-specific topics, such as power sources, machine vision, actuation (e.g. linear actuators and electric motors), manipulation, locomotion (walking, rolling, climbing, etc.), environmental navigation, and human-robot interaction (including speech recognition and gestures). Applications are wide-ranging, and include industrial robots, as well as those used in the military, construction, agriculture, and in medical fields.

Hosting Department: Control & Instrumentation Engineering

Offered to: CIE, COE, AE, ISE, EE

First Semester Course 1: CISE 483 - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robots

First Semester Course 2: CISE 481 - Applied Control for Robotic Systems

Second Semester Course 1: CISE 482 - Path Planning and Navigation for Mobile Robot

Second Semester Course 2: CISE 480 - Introduction to Robotics & Autonomous System

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