M.Eng. Program in Systems and Control Engineering

Degree Requirements

The Master of Engineering in SCE is a non-thesis program. Forty two (42) credit hours are required. Six core courses are required in addition to the seminar and Master of Engineering project.

Core Courses

  • SCE 507 Linear Multivariable Control
  • SCE 513 System Identification

Four courses to be selected from the following course:

  • SCE 517 Control of Nonlinear Systems
  • SCE 518 Process Modeling and Control
  • SCE 527 Adaptive Control
  • SCE 534 Digital Signal Processing
  • SCE 535 Distributed Computer Control and Field Buses
  • SCE 540 Intelligent Instrumentation Systems
  • SCE 542 Condition-Based Maintenance
  • SCE 560 Soft computing for Control and Automation

In addition the student must take the following two courses:

  • SCE 600 Master of Engineering Project-I
  • SCE 599 Seminar

Major Elective Courses

The student can take up to six courses from SCE 5xx or SCE 6xx. A student may optionally take up to two courses from the following as electives.

  • SCE 601 Master of Engineering Project –II
  • SCE 606 Independent Research

Free Elective Courses

A maximum of 4 courses can be taken from non-SCE courses. At least one course must be taken from outside the Department of Systems Engineering. The selected courses need the approval of the graduate advisor or the student advisor. A maximum of two 400-level courses can be taken for credit.