Dr Md Shafiullah

Assistant Professor

Office: 23/052

Phone: 7132

Email: shafiullah(at)kfupm.edu.sa

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  • PhD in Electrical Engineering (Energy and Power Systems), KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 2018
  • MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh, 2013
  • BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, 2009


  • Numerical Methods (CIE 301)
  • Linear Control Systems (CIE 305);
  • Instrumentation Engineering (CIE 312),
  • Systems Identification (SCE 513)
  • Control Engineering I (EE 380);
  • Electrical Machines (EE 462);
  • Electromechanical Devices (EE 306);
  • Electric Energy Engineering (EE 360);
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits (EE 204);
  • Electrical Circuits Laboratory (EE 212)

Research Interests

  • Control and Maintenance of Critical Infrastructures;
  • Grid integration of renewable energy resources;
  • Micro-grids;
  • Smart grid fault diagnosis;
  • Power systems stability and quality enhancement;
  • Evolutionary algorithms and machine learning techniques;
  • Electricity markets;
  • Energy systems and efficiency


  • M. Shafiullah* , M. A. Abido, A. H. Al-Mohammed, “Power System Fault Diagnosis: A Wide Area Measurement-based Intelligent Approach,” Elsevier Publisher, eBook ISBN: 9780323884303 and Paperback ISBN: 9780323884297, 1 st Edition, January 2022.


  • M. Shafiullah* , “The FCM-guided deep learning model for low-frequency oscillation damping in power system networks,” 2023, (Submitted: KFUPM Rf. Inv2023-037).
  • M. Shafiullah* and M. A. Abido, “Distribution grid fault analysis under load and renewable energy uncertainties,” US11349306, 2022 (Issued).
  • M. H. Zahir, M. M. Hossain, M. Shafiullah, and A. S. Hakeem, “Shape-stabilized phase change materials for energy storage based on hierarchically porous calcium magnesium carbonate,” US11332650B2, 2022 (Issued).

Published/Accepted Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

  • M. Shafiullah, M. I. H. Pathan, M. S. Shahriar, A. Ali, M. I. Hossain, and M. S. Alam, “Real Time Solution of PSS Parameter Tuning by GA-ANFIS in Stabilizing the Electrical Power System,” Arab. J. Sci. Eng., pp. 1–14, Mar. 2023 (ISI Journal, Impact Factor 2.807, Q2).
  • Md. H. Zahir, K. Irshad, M. Shafiullah, N. I. Ibrahim, A. K. M. Kauser, K. O. Mohaisen, F. A. Al-Sulaiman, “Challenges of the application of PCMs to achieve zero energy buildings under hot weather conditions: A review,” J. Energy Storage. Vol. 64, 2023 (ISI Journal, Impact Factor 8.907, Q1).
  • M. S. Alam, F. S. Al-Ismail, M. Shafiullah, M. A. Hossain, S. M. Rahman, “ Planning and Protection of DC Microgrid: A Critical Review on Recent Developments,” International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (accepted), Vol. 51, 2023, (ISI Journal, Impact Factor 5.155, Q1).
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  • S. Ahmad, M. Shafiullah*, C. B. Ahmed, and M. Alowaifeer, “A Review of Microgrid Energy Management and Control Strategies,” IEEE Access, 2023 (ISI Journal, Impact Factor 3.476, Q2).
  • M. I. Hossain, M. Shafiullah, and M. A. Abido, “Battery Power Control Strategy for Intermittent Renewable Energy Integrated Modular Multilevel Converter-Based HighVoltage Direct Current Network,” Sustainability, vol. 15, no. 3, p. 2626, Feb. 2023 (ISI Journal, Impact Factor 3.889, Q2).
Dr Md Shafiullah

Assistant Professor