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Email: selferik(at)kfupm.edu.sa

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  • PhD. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department “Optimizing Flexible Manufacturing Systems under Hedging Control Policy,” Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, 1996
  • MSc. Electrical and computer Engineering Department, “Identification of a renewal stochastic model for electrical thermal loads,’’ Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, 1991
  • BSc.  Electrical Engineering, Laval university (Quebec), 1988


  • CIE 201 Introduction to Control & Instrumentation Systems  Engineering
  • CIE 301 Numerical Methods
  • CIE 302 Linear Control Systems
  • CIE 316 Control System Design
  • CIE 318 Computer Control Systems
  • CIE 418 Industrial Process Control
  • CIE 433 Condition-Based Maintenance and Control  Loop Performance Monitoring
  • CIE 461 Computer Aided MFG and Robotics
  • CIE 463 Theory of Stochastic Systems
  • SCE 505 Real-Time Computer Systems
  • SCE 513 Systems Modeling & Identification
  • SCE 514 Optimal Control
  • SCE 537 Adaptive Control
  • SCE 590 Special Topic in  Eng.: Advanced Condition-Based Maintenance

Research Interests

  • Control of drug administration,
  • Process control and control loop performance monitoring,
  • Control of systems with delays,
  • Modeling and control of stochastic systems,
  • Analysis of network stability,
  • Condition monitoring, and condition-based maintenance

Selected Publications:

  1. El-Ferik, Sami; Qureshi, Aminuddin; Lewis, Frank L;   Neuro-adaptive cooperative tracking control of unknown higher-order affine nonlinear systems, Automatica, Vol. 50 (3), pp.798-808, 2014
  2. Al Sharif, Sharif MS; Deriche, Mohamed; Maalej, Nabil; El Ferik, Sami; A Fast Geodesic Active Contour Model for Medical Image Segmentation Using Prior Analysis and Wavelets, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Vol.39(2),pp.1017-1037, 2014
  3. El Ferik, Sami; Ahmed, Ghufran; Omar, Hanafy M; Load swing control for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a slung load, Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices (SSD), 2014 11th International, 9-Jan, 2014
  4. Malhamé, R; Boukas, EK; El Ferik, S; Manufacturing System: A Case Study, Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technolog: Selected Papers from 7th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS /IMACS/ISPE Symposium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 25-28 May 1992, p.459, 2014
  5. Shihada, Basem; El-Ferik, Sami; Ho, Pin-Han;  FAST TCP over optical burst switched networks: Modeling and stability analysis, Optical Switching and Networking, Vol. 10(2), pp.107-118, 2013
  6. El-Ferik, Sami; Syed, Asim H; Omar, Hanafy M; Deriche, Mohamed A;       Anti-Swing Nonlinear Path Tracking Controller for Helicopter Slung Load System, Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Vol. 2(1), pp. 134-141, 2013
  7. El Ferik, Sami; Siddiqui, Bilal Ahmed; Ben-Mansour, Rached; Al-Sunni, Fouad M;    Dual submarine leak detection system, Patent, 2013
Dr Sami El-Ferik