Seminar on "Speed Control of Wind Turbines System using Evolutionary Algorithm-based Cascaded Controller" by Mr. Ghali Ahmad, Graduate Student of CIE Dept
  • Bld. 22 Room 130

  • May 20, 2024 - May 20, 2024

  • 2 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.


Mr. Ghali Ahmad

Graduate Student

Control and Instrumentation Engineering Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


In the last decades, wind turbine systems have emerged as one of the sources of electricity, and they are further considered to be part of the renewable energy sources that produce energy with zero carbon emissions. Due to the high demand for electrical energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, wind turbines have gained massive consideration in previous and current decades. Harvesting that energy from the wind to be utilized by the system and producing electrical energy faced many challenges due to different factors, including the non-proper control system of the plant. In this regard, the paper presents control strategies of wind turbine systems using evolutionary algorithm-based cascaded controllers to tackle these issues. The control techniques used in this work are PSO-PID, SMC-PID, and GA-PID. The paper described the principles of each control and optimization technique and their application in wind turbine systems. It also compares the results from each and evaluates their effectiveness in enhancing the performance of wind turbines.

Speaker Bio :

Mr. Ghali Ahmad received his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with Honors from the Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil, Nigeria, 2019. He is currently pursuing his M.Sc. degree in Systems and Control Engineering in the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Department at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia. His Areas of Interest include Systems Control, Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence with Applications to Renewable Energy